“Taylor Bartolucci is perfect as the villainous Velma Von Tussle…” – Vince Mediaa


“Bartolucci is smart, vulnerable, lonely, love-starved as Bonnie Parker. Bartolucci dotes on the young lothario’s every word, shivers at his touch, and agrees to accompany him on what will be recorded as one of most infamous bank-robbing sprees in history. This is a romance that Barbara Cartland would applaud. Bock and Bartolucci aren’t the only characters in the production, although you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off them when they’re tangled up on stage.” – Pierce Carson, The Napa Valley Register


“Bartolucci is bright in the title role (Bonnie Parker), exuding the signature, power-packed stage presence that Napa audiences have grown to expect from the local regular.” – Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald


“Taylor Bartolucci, in the small role of Signora Fioria’s maid Giovanna, is a wonderful physical comedian and pretty much steals every scene she is in.” – Jim Allen, Stage and Cinema


“Taylor Bartolucci steals the show with spot on comedy as the pensione’s all purpose factotum Giovanna.” – Paul Myrvold, Theatre Review


“Taylor Bartolucci is Fanny Brice. I have never seen her better. She makes you fall in love with her from the moment she comes on stage…“Funny Girl” is rarely produced because it’s hard to find a leading lady that can handle such a role. Trust me, Bartolucci can more than handle it. Her last number will make a grown man cry.” – Don Gibble, The Community Voice


“The role (Fanny Brice) is perfect for her…she delivers an excellent performance.” – Patrick Thomas, Talkin’ Broadway


“Taylor  Bartolucci – a treasure-trove of local talent. From her opening scene until the end, Bartolucci grabs onto your heart and won’t let go. She plays Brice with such honest humility and originality, and her lovable klutz Fanny is so very down to earth that, just between us, she makes that other Funny Girl look like a big phony. Bartolucci shows us very clearly that Fanny uses her clowning as a shield to protect her tender heart. There’s no gloss, no glamour in this Fanny Brice – just raw, energized talent.” – Suzanne & Greg Angeo, For All Events


“Continuing her run of roles made famous by musical theater legends, local legend-in-the-making Taylor Bartolucci-DeGuilio follows now in the footsteps of Julie Andrews, playing a woman who impersonates a man who impersonates a woman, in Blake Edwards’ 1995 stage musical Victor/Victoria, based on the 1982 hit movie. As Victoria, a penniless English soprano who winds up homeless and hungry in 1933 Paris, Bartolucci-DeGuilio is charming and convincing, but the show is no solo act; the entire cast shines.” – David Templeton, North Bay Bohemian


“Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio in the title role of Victor/Victoria is a commanding presence and nails both the part and the English accent, hitting all those glass-shattering high notes with ease.” – Suzanne & Greg Angeo, For All Events


“Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio is a standout as the Lady of the Lake!” – Barry Willis, President, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics


“As Lady of the Lake, the always amazing Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio really has a chance to belt ‘em out and be the diva she was born to be. She steals the show in “Find Your Grail” and “Diva’s Lament.” – Suzanne & Greg Angeo, Sonoma County Gazette


“But ultimately, it’s Taylor Bartolucci’s jaw-dropping, heartbreaking performance as Fanny that supercharges the show. Not only can she belt a song, she never lets us forget the insecure little girl beneath the rising Broadway superstar, the funny lady who wants nothing more than to love and be loved, and ends up making all her dreams come true but one. It’s easily one of the best, most memorable shows of the year.” – David Templeton, Second Row Center


“…it didn’t really take long for Taylor Bartolucci to make me forget all about Streisand and get caught up in how she would manage to keep a firm grasp on her character’s career, let alone the man who’d taken a shine to her.  Bartolucci delivers the consummate Brice. From her confidence building days on New York’s Lower East Side to winning over dancer Eddie Ryan — Bartolucci makes us believe in Brice’s talent. When she crows, “I’m the Greatest Star,” we follow along behind, eager to champion her cause. As featured performer in a vaudeville revue, Bartolucci sparkles with the dazzling showstopper, “Cornet Man.” By the time, she offers up the show’s best known song, “People,” Bartolucci has the audience not only in her corner but wrapped around her pinky. Her “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was icing on the cake.” – Pierce Carson, The Napa Valley Register


“Bartolucci shines throughout the production, but especially in a touching rendition of “People,” lending the song fresh life in an especially sensitive rendering.” – Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald


“The multi-talented Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio brought the playful, well-intentioned “Maria” to life so naturally that she carried the audience right along with her as she taught the children to sing and then fell in love with their father. Although she was prominent in almost every scene, Bartolucci DeGuilio never seemed tired or appeared to be acting. She made performing Maria look easy.” – Rosemarie Kempton, The Napa Valley Register


“The show’s credibility rests on the role of Pippi and Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio delivers in spades.  She has a radiance and energy and sensuality about her that channels pop-star Mariah Carey and she puts all those netted body-hugging outfits to good use in a very authentic display of pole dancing.  Bartolucci is a stage veteran with more than 60 productions under her belt. Her Pippi is a likeable, strong woman who is independent and yearning for love and her complex feelings for Norbert are apparent.” – Geneva Anderson, ART hound


“Beguiling Taylor Bartolucci DeGuilio has a rock-the-house voice…” – Cari Lynn Pace, For All Events


“The haunting “So In Love” and the ferociously funny “I Hate Men”, were both sung by the amazing Taylor Bartolucci as Lilli/Katherine. The performances of Bartolucci, and co-star Barry Martin as Fred/Petruchio, deserve special mention not only for their musical talent, but for their strong characterizations reminiscent of great Broadway performers of the past, which makes them ideal for this kind of show.” – Suzanne Angeo


“Taylor Bartolucci shines as Mama Rose…Bartolucci, has what it takes to command the lead role. She typifies the personality of the relentless stage mom, bullying her way into auditions and bookings across the country while her family survives on cheap Chinese takeout and dog food. And can that girl sing! After commanding every scene with a fierce tenacity, Bartolucci still appears to draw from a full deck as she belts out a thrilling and personal finale, “Rose’s Turn,” at the end of Act Two.” – Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald


“Taylor Bartolucci is a match for any of those brilliant women (Merman, LuPone, Peters, Lansbury, Daly, Duke) of the theater. Bartolucci is dominating in a part that is usually played by a woman more than a few years older than she. She’s the complete package, singing and acting. It’s hard to imagine anyone topping her rendition of the climactic number, “Rose’s Turn.”  – Michael Waterson, The Napa Valley Register


“…was mesmerized by Taylor Bartolucci who played the title role. I believe you couldn’t see a more moving, credible and riveting performance of this role, even on Broadway.” – Marty Nemko, American Canyon Eagle

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